Trey’s Thoughts


2016 March 30

I’ve been meaning to write about my experiences with the X-T10. I think someone may have even specifically asked me to, so here it is.

After using it for over a month, I decided to send it back. It was ok, but what finally made me decide to send it back was that it would occasionally not register the EVF when I brought the camera up to my eye. This was at first subtly frustrating and then kind of maddening.


Preyer Brewing Co.


My mindset when getting this camera was that if the X100 series is so lauded, then the “same” thing with interchangeable lenses should be better. Well, I don’t think that’s the case. They’re uglier (subjective, I know) and louder (the X100 series leaf shutter is beautifully quiet–it’s like using a proper rangefinder). Every time I see Livie’s X100T, I think “That is a handsome camera.” I usually found the X-T10 to be quirkily retro at best and homely at worst. If you’re going to go for a retro look, I think rangefinders look cooler than film SLRs (yes, also subjective).

  1. And why would you not shoot raw? When you do that, you can use fancy Mastin Labs presets that are even nicer than the film simulation modes.